Dr. Paul Miller, host of the “From The Gutter to Greatness” podcast, is dedicated to supporting Charter schools in achieving remarkable results. As the former CEO and Principal of Green Tech Charter Schools (GTH), Dr. Miller has designed effective systems that work specifically for Black and Brown youth. Despite facing significant challenges, including a student population of over 95% Black males with nearly 90% classified as low-income, GTH achieved a 100% rate of college acceptance and over 95% graduation rates annually.

With a background in Urban Public Education spanning over 16 years, Dr. Miller specializes in school redesign, reform, and creating impactful change through collaborative missions, visions, and teamwork. Holding an Ed.D in Executive Leadership and a Masters of Education Administration from St. John Fisher College, along with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Teacher Certification from SUNY Brockport, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the education field.

Dr. Miller’s greatest professional fulfillment comes from witnessing students graduate and embark on a journey of unlimited potential and success, unburdened by societal challenges due to the power of education. He takes immense pride in knowing that he has made a positive impact on their lives and has initiated a cycle of paying it forward for future generations. The most rewarding moments for Dr. Miller are when students, who may have once lacked hope, not only transform their own lives but also extend a helping hand to uplift others towards productivity and success.